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Study abroad

We take a peek into the lives of foreign students living in Slovenia.
Did they come to party, study or just shake up their everyday lives? What makes these young people tick and what do they think about the country they've come to? Listen to the challenges they face and what they miss from home.
Has this experience changed them? Are they considering staying here?
Every Monday at 11:25 only on Radio Si.
Do you want to share your experience? Just write to and maybe you are our next guest.

Zadnji posnetki

Emilija decided to study media communications in Maribor (27.06.2022)

27. 6. 2022

20-year-old Emilija says she was surprised at how quiet Slovenians speak in public compared to Northern Macedonians. What does she think about Maribor now that she has spent almost a year here? She chose to play I Was Made For Lovin' You by Kiss.

Giulia is an Italian Double Degree PhD researcher who came to Koper thanks to her Marie-Skłodowska Curie postdoctoral fellowship project (13.06.2022)

13. 6. 2022

Giulia’s project examines the relationship between certain historical forms of collective land and resource management and the current environmental and landscape valuation of these areas and raises the question of access rights to natural resources for future generations. She chose to play Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

Sidra says she has her husband and family to thank for supporting her during her studies (30.05.2021)

30. 5. 2022

Sidra is a doctoral student from Pakistan who has spent the last 3 years in Koper. She says that it is necessary to practically give up social life during her doctorate, so she has not yet managed to explore Slovenia, but at the same time adds that she has enjoyed her time here and that the only "obstacle" she faced was not speaking Slovene. She chose to play the song Dil Diyan Gallan by Atif Aslam.

Stefan says he always knew he wanted to move abroad (16.05.2022)

16. 5. 2022

The Italian Studies student, who comes from North Macedonia, says that when he arrived in Koper two years ago, he was a lost 19-year-old who did not know what he wanted from life. 2 years later, says he made major progress in growing up. His song of choice was This Is The Life by Amy Macdonald.

Slobodan says studying abroad has taught him he needs to put himself out more (02.05.2022)

2. 5. 2022

The 20-year-old from Serbia says the pandemic has hindered his chances of experiencing more things and learning to communicate better. He says this is also obvious in class as students aren’t too eager to answer the professors’ questions. He chose to play the song navučena by the Serbian musician tam.

Marco says the thing he was most scared of was how to find accommodation (04.04.2022)

4. 4. 2022

Luckily, he did not have any issues with finding a place to stay once he arrived to Slovenia. Marco chose Slovenia because he was looking for a location where temperatures are lower than in his home town in the south of Italy. He chose to play the song Marilu by Italian singer, rapper and songwriter Achille Lauro.

Stanislav came to Slovenia right before the Ukraine-Russia war (21.03.2022)

21. 3. 2022

Stanislav says that despite the anger that has been sparked by the war, we shouldn't forget what people all around the world are doing to help the Ukrainian people. He chose to play the song Krayina Ditey by Okean Elzy (feat. Alyona Alyona).

Jeff says one lesson he will take from his exchange is to slow down 07.03.2022

7. 3. 2022

The master’s student of Media Strategic Communication And Marketing says his original plan was to do another M.A. after he wraps up his exchange, but says that now that he’s met and talked to different people during his exchange, he’s changed his opinion on this topic. He chose to play Snoop Dogg- Go On feat. October London.

Amogne comes from Ethiopia, the country where a year lasts 13 months (28.02.2022)

28. 2. 2022

For Amogne, Ljubljana is the third stop on his three-part exchange program in Materials for energy storage and conversion program. In the interview, he highlighted 4 facts about his home country. One of them is that the Ethiopian calendar is seven years and eight months behind the gregorian calendar and that they celebrate new year in September. For more, you'll have to listen to the interview! He chose to play the song Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) by Shakira.

Kerstin says Bavaria and Slovenia are similar in some respects (21.02.2022)

21. 2. 2022

Did you know that you can surf in the middle of Munich? The Eisbach is a small, 2-kilometre-long, man-made river in the german city. At one spot, the river forms a standing wave about one metre high which is a popular river surfing spot. But that's not what Slovenia and Bavaria have in common. To find out, listen to the interview. Kerstin chose to play Was uns high macht by the German indie-pop band Provinz.

Luka says it was the love of philosophy and psychoanalysis that brought him to Ljubljana (14.02.2022)

14. 2. 2022

Did you know that in many countries you can still smoke indoors? Luka says that also holds true for Croatia. You can listen to more about his experience of studying in Ljubljana above. His song of choice was Further up the road by Bruce Springsteen.

Igor says he didn’t expect Slovenia to be quite so different from the other former Yugoslavian countries (07.02.2022)

7. 2. 2022

Igor is a student of Slavic languages, who comes from Germany and is studying in Austria. He decided to spend a semester in Ljubljana after he went on a year-long exchange in Serbia. He was most surprised by our nature and that to him, Slovenia seems very different from the rest of the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Igor chose to play Radio Ga Ga by Queen.

Kamil didn’t expect his studies in Slovenia to be more difficult than in Poland (31.01.2022)

31. 1. 2022

Kamil is studying at the Faculty of Security Sciences, which is part of the University of Maribor, but the lectures take place in Ljubljana. Due to a combination of circumstances, he lived at a hotel during his exchange. How did he and his colleague from Poland manage to get by without having a refrigerator, kitchen or washing machine? His song of choice was Szklanki by Young Leosia.

Lea says one of the things she appreciates in Slovenia is how safe she feels (24.01.2022)

24. 1. 2022

Lea comes from Dortmund, Germany, which has about twice the inhabitants Ljubljana does. She chose to spend a semester here because she wanted to experience something new. Now that she’s spent a couple of months here, she says she feels people in Slovenia are more respectful and that she feels safer walking around alone at night in Ljubljana than in Germany. She chose to play She’s Casual by The Hunna.

STUDY ABROAD: Laura is an archeology student from Lithuania who decided to exchange in Ljubljana for two reasons (17.01.2022)

17. 1. 2022

The first reason was that until she came here she thought that the university in Ljubljana offers her classes in English, which was not the case, and the second reason was that she wanted to get to know Slovenia. Nevertheless, she likes studying here, and she finds Ljubljana to be similar to Vilnius in some respects. Her song of choice was Viskas Ką Turiu (Everything I Have) by Jessica Shy.

STUDY ABROAD: Jakub speaks almost fluent Slovene after spending only three months in Ljubljana (10.01.2022)

10. 1. 2022

It is, however true that he already spoke two other Slavic languages before coming to Slovenia. Jakub comes from Poland and had also learned Serbian during his exchange in Serbia. He chose to play Šuštarski most by Majda Sepe.

STUDY ABROAD: Yu-Hsiang chose Slovenia because the prices here are lower than in Western Europe (27.12.2021)

27. 1. 2022

Yu-Hsiang is a Taiwanese student who says he chose to spend a semester in Ljubljana because the prices in Slovenia are lower than in Western Europe and because he liked the photos of Slovenia he found online. He chise to play the song Heartbeat of Taiwan, a theme song of the Taiwan Pavilion at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. It's performed by famous Taiwanese singer, Jolin Tsai.

STUDY ABROAD: Zeren says she will most likely not return to Slovenia, but not because she would not want to (20.11.2021)

20. 12. 2021

Zeren says one of the hardest things for Turkish nationals is obtaining a visa, especially for going to Europe. The Turkish exchange student says it took her 5 months to obtain the documents she needed for her studies in Ljubljana. She chose to play Follow You by Imagine Dragons.

STUDY ABROAD: Martin says if at first you don’t succeed, try again later! (13.12.2021)

13. 12. 2021

On his first attempt to apply for an exchange in Maribor, Martin failed to get enough points on the English exam of his home faculty in Montpellier. In his second attempt, he applied for an exchange in Ljubljana, but didn’t need to take a test, as he received a recommendation letter from one of his professors, saying that his command of English was satisfactory. He has now spent a few months in Ljubljana and has learned a couple of Slovene words along the way. His song of choice is titled Y'a pas de metro a Perpignan and is sung by the French actress and singer Charlotte Julian.

STUDY ABROAD: Raphael says he’s noticed something odd while biking around in Ljubljana (06.12.2021)

4. 12. 2021

Cycling is more than common in the Netherlands, that’s a well known fact. Which is why Raphael takes the bike everywhere in Ljubljana. But he says he’s noticed one rather unusual thing. In his experience, Slovenians seem to favor going to the left instead of to the right when meeting cyclists even though we drive on the right. For more on his studies in Ljubljana, listen to the episode above. His song of choice was Bongo Bong by Manu Chao.

STUDY ABROAD: Evi says that apart from getting used to the difference in greeting people, it was easy to adjust to life in Ljubljana. (29.11.2021)

26. 11. 2021

The only thing Evi says she found slightly awkward to get used to in Slovenia is greeting people. In Belgium, people greet each other with a kiss on the cheek and it’s not really like that in Slovenia. She chose to play the song Alors on danse by Belgian musician, rapper, singer and songwriter Stromae.

STUDY ABROAD: Sankalp says good people can be found everywhere, so people should give others a chance before passing judgement (22.11.2021)

22. 11. 2021

Sankalp says there are huge differences between life in Maribor and New Delhi. Among the most notable is the fact that in India you get practically anything delivered to your home. This also includes things you forget in restaurants. His song of choice was STAY by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber.

STUDY ABROAD: Guilherme says the biggest shock for him was that in Koper scooters often drive on the sidewalks (25.10.2021)

25. 10. 2021

The Portuguese student of psychology says that unlike in Koper, pedestrians in Lisbon would very quickly and clearly tell these motorcyclists just what they thought about that kind of behavior. Guilherme chose to play the song A Minha Casinha by Xutos & Pontapés.

STUDY ABROAD: Aya says foreigners often mistakenly think Egyptians are arguing about something because of how loudly they talk (18.10.2021)

18. 10. 2021

Aya is a civil engineering student who spent the past academic year in Maribor. She adds that it’s well-known Egyptians like to tell a lot of jokes. She chose to play the French-Arabic song YA HABIBI by Mohamed Ramadan & Gims.

STUDY ABROAD: Gabin is a French student of history who says his Erasmus experience made him more confident (11.10.2021)

11. 10. 2021

Gabin is a French student who says he didn't know anything about Slovenia before he chose to spend his exchange here. The 19-year-old now says he will return back home more confident after spending a semester in Koper. He claims that after you have spent a couple of months in a country where you don't speak the language, when the time comes to return home, you’ll feel like you can achieve anything. He chose to play the song L’aventurier by the French rock band Indochine.

STUDY ABROAD: Sham says the hardest to get used to in Maribor was the responsibility of suddenly having to take care of everything on her own (27.09.2021)

27. 9. 2021

Sham says that what missed the most in Maribor were Egyptian and Syrian dishes, especially shawerma. In Slovenia, it's called jufka, but Sham says it is completely different from the shawerma she is used to. She chose to play the song 3 Daqat by Abu Ft. Yousra.

STUDY ABROAD: Ana Carolina is a student from Portugal who is studying in Koper (20.09.2021)

20. 9. 2021

Ana Carolina is a Portuguese student who says she did not expect Koper to be so small, but also notes that she likes how connected the local community there is. Her song of choice was Noites de Luar by TinTuna.

STUDY ABROAD: Salma is a student from Egypt who liked Maribor so much that she spent the whole of last year here (13.09.2021)

13. 9. 2021

Salma says one of the most common misconceptions she has heard about Egypt is that they think they live in the desert which is not true. Another is that that people think Egypt has only 3 pyramids. More than 100 have actually been identified there.W She chose to play the song Sahran by Amr Diab.

STUDY ABROAD: Audrey says the lockdown taught her to appreciate the little things in life (09.08.2021)

9. 8. 2021

We this time sat down with Audrey, a student from France, who said the hardest thing she had to get used to in Ljubljana was that Slovenians start the day an hour earlier than the French do. She chose to play the song Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen since she says it speaks to how she feels at the end of her Erasmus experience.

STUDY ABROAD: Lina spent a semester in Maribor and now likes it there so much, she would consider moving there (02.08.2021)

2. 8. 2021

Lina knew that she wanted to travel after high school. However, she did not know that life would take her from Cairo to Maribor. After spending a semester in Maribor, she found she liked the quiet life there so much that she wants to return to Slovenia and find a job in the Styrian capital. She chose to play a song by Amr Diab titled El Gaw Gameel, whcih translates to “The weather is beautiful”.

STUDY ABROAD: Teodora is a doctoral student from Serbia who decided to spend her exchange in Ljubljana on the recommendation of friends (26.07.2021)

26. 7. 2021

Teodora says she was most surprised by the high rental prices and the fact that the shops are not open on Sundays. Her song of choice was the song titled Ljubljana by Glass Caves.

STUDY ABROAD: Kevin comes from the city of Pforzheim, also known as the Golden City (19.07.2021)

19. 7. 2021

The engineering and business student had planned to spend his exchange in Mexico, but Covid-19 thwarted his plans, so he ended up in Slovenia. He chose to play the song Ticket by Seed.

STUDY ABROAD: Out of all the Slovenian dialects, Monika likes the Prekmurje dialect the best (12.07.2021)

12. 7. 2021

There are probably not many foreign students who fall in love with the Slovenian language so hard that they come here to study. There are even fewer who listen to Niko Zorjan and want to visit Murska Sobota, because of all the Slovenian dialects, the Prekmurje dialect is their favorite. Monica is one of those. The Serbian exchange student chose to play the song Let it go.

STUDY ABROAD: Emanuele will teach you two ways to say "I love you" in Italian (05.07.2021)

5. 7. 2021

Despite coming from Slovenia's western neighbor, Emanuele says that before he came to Slovenia, he knew very little about the country. When he was offered an Erasmus exchange spot in Slovenia, he quickly googled Ljubljana, saw the Dragon Bridge and immediately fell in love with the city. His music of choice was the song Albachiara by Vasco Rossi.

STUDY ABROAD: If you see a biker with an orange helmet driving a white and blue BMW then there’s a chance his name is Moritz (28.06.2021)

28. 6. 2021

One lesson Moritz says he learned during the pandemic is that there’s no point in waiting for the perfect time to do something because you never know when a new pandemic might be just around the corner. When he came to Slovenia, prices of gasoline were at a record low. Because of this, he was looking forward to all the places he would be able to travel to with his motorbike. The prices of gasoline have since jumped up by more than 20%. The German exchange student says that because of this, he has had to re-examine his plans a bit, adding that in the end, nothing would stop him from traveling with his motorbike. Not the pandemic and certainly not the prices of gasoline. He chose to play the song Faster by Within Temptation.

STUDY ABROAD: Diane Stephanie says something people do not know about France is that the French did not invent the French kiss (21.06.2021)

21. 6. 2021

One of the things Diane Stephanie says she misses most in Slovenia is of course her family and friends, but also French food, especially baguettes. She notes she had tried to get used to Slovenian food. So far, she’s tried potica and some white powdery dish that she couldn’t remember the name of. Do you know what it was? Listen to the interview and try to figure it out! She chose to play the song You Never Can Tell by Chuck Berry because it featured in Pulp Fiction and it always makes her want to dance.

STUDY ABROAD: Willi is a German student who loves to play football with Slovenians in Tivoli (14.06.2021)

14. 6. 2021

The 24-year-old student of politics and economics of Eastern Europe says he never thought his generation would ever want to throw their computers against a wall out of frustration from distance-learning. He chose to play the song exile by Blinding Lights by The Weeknd.

STUDY ABROAD: Zeynep comes from Turkey where she studies Japanese education (07.06.2021)

7. 6. 2021

Zeynep says that if the process of obtaining residence permits were easier for her as a Turkish citizen, she would consider staying in Slovenia. She chose to play the song In the Cold Pouring Rain by Masaaki Hayakawa.

STUDY ABROAD: Maciej is a Polish student who decided to spend a semester in Ljubljana because all he heard about Slovenia were positive superlatives (31.05.2021)

31. 5. 2021

Maciej says that regardless of how early he forced himself to rise, there was already a line of Slovenians at the ski resort or climbing area by the time he came there. He says that to him, Slovenia seems very clean and organized, but that when it comes to the music, it’s filled with a Balkan rhythm and soul. A Slovenian friend of his even told him that certain songs shouldn’t be played at parties since the situation can become dangerous! He chose to play a KAMP! REMIX remix of Brodka's song Dancing Shoes.

STUDY ABROAD: Martin is a doctoral student from the Czech Republic, who decided to move his young family to Slovenia for 6 months (24.05.2021)

24. 5. 2021

Martin says that when they first came to Slovenia, the move seemed easier than expected, but then during the second lockdown, they had to find another apartment to live in due to restrictions concerning hospitality establishments. Despite some hiccups, Martin says he and his family are looking forward to spending a couple of months in Slovenia and as the restrictions ease, he hopes to be able to enjoy some draught beer or “točeno pivo”! His song of choice was Sultans Of Swing by Dire Straits.

STUDY ABROAD: Inem comes from Nigeria, is studying in Hungary and spent a semester in Maribor (17.05.2021)

17. 5. 2021

Inem says that when she talks to people, they are most surprised by the fact that there are over 200 million people living in Nigeria and that, in addition to English, which is the official language, over 500 other languages are spoken in this coastal West African country. She chose to play the song exile by Taylor Swift (feat. Bon Iver).

STUDY ABROAD: Jasmin was born in Germany, went to high school in the UAE and is now studying in Ajdovščina (09.11.2020)

9. 11. 2020

Jasmin is one of the very few students to say that life for young people in their country is "more boring" than in Koper. German by birth, she attended high school in the UAE, and then decided to study astrophysics in Ajdovščina. That said, she greatly respects the UAE and says people often mistakenly think that there are huge restrictions for women in the UAE. Her musical choice was the song my future by Billie Eilish.

STUDY ABROAD: Isidora is a Serbian student who decided to study in Koper ( 26.10.2020)

26. 10. 2020

Isidora comes from Serbia. She is now studying in Koper for a second year. She says life there seems more calm and she feels that people are not in such a hurry compared to people in Serbia. What she did not expect was to see so many young people from the Balkan countries studying in Koper. Her musical choice was the song Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran.

STUDY ABROAD: Wallace is a student from…well, suffice to say he has lived in quite a few places, most of it in the UAE, but what can be said is he likes to take the road less traveled (19.10.2020)

19. 10. 2020

Wallace has lived most of his life in the United Arab Emirates and is now studying in Koper. He originally intended to go study in the UK but changed his plans after talking to the Slovenian ambassador in Abu Dhabi, whom he met while working as a real estate agent after graduating high school. He chose to play the song Adore You by Harry Styles.

STUDY ABROAD: Suzuho is a Japanese student who decided to spend a year in Ljubljana (12.10.2020)

12. 10. 2020

Suzuho says that she came to Slovenia two years ago but was so impressed by the country that she decided to come back and spend a whole year here. According to her, what sets apart studying here and studying in Japan is mainly the style of teaching. Here, there is more dialogue between professors and students, while in Japan, students mostly just listen to the professor. Her musical choice was the song Platina by the Slovenian band SIDDHARTA.

STUDY ABROAD: Molly comes from Belarus but is studying in the Czech Republic (28.09.2020)

5. 10. 2020

Molly comes from Belarus and studies languages in tourism in the Czech Republic. She spent a semester in Maribor and says Slovenians remind her of Italians. That has to do with the relatively easygoing lifestyle we enjoy in Slovenia, at least compared to Belarus. Her musical choice was Sam Smith’s How Do You Sleep.

STUDY ABROAD: Anna is a Polish student who lives in Ljubljana’s Krakovo district. That said, she doesn’t come from Krakow, but Gdansk (05.10.2020)

5. 10. 2020

Anna says she was surprised by the quality of life in our country, as well as the fact that most Slovenes don’t think twice about drinking tap water. It was Ljubljana’s relatively small size that convinced Anna to spend her Erasmus there. As she is an avid mountain climber, the closeness of the Alps was an added bonus. And yes, she also scaled Mt. Triglav. She chose to play the song Młody maj by the polish GOLEC UORKIESTRA.

STUDY ABROAD: Buse is a student from Turkey who decided to spend a semester in Koper (21.09.2020)

21. 9. 2020

People sometimes forget how large or small some countries really are. Buse says her parents’ home is in Mersin, while she studies in Ankara. The one-way-trip between the two Turkish cities takes her 8 hours by bus, so she says Slovenia’s size is a welcome temporary change. Her musical choice was the song Kiss Kiss by Turkish pop singer Tarkan.

STUDY ABROAD: Ludmila comes from Brazil but is studying in Portugal (14.09.2020)

14. 9. 2020

According to her, the most widespread misconception is that in Brazil, the spoken language is Spanish. In reality, they speak portugues brasileiro, a set of dialects of the Portuguese language used mostly in Brazil. She came to Maribor to study, because it was the only exhange she was able to go on, but says she doesn't regret it, as she finds Maribor cute. Her song of choice was the song Side Effects by The Chainsmokers.

STUDY ABROAD: Ipek and Selim are Turkish students of computer sciences and journalism who came to spend a semester in Maribor (07.09.2020)

7. 9. 2020

Ipek and Selim say that on one hand, they like Maribor because it is much quieter than Istanbul, which has a population of 17 million, but on the other hand they sometimes feel it is too peaceful. They decided to spend a semester in Slovenia based on recommendations of friends and because we have subsidized student meals. They chose to play the song AYA by Turkish rappers Ezhel and Murda.

STUDY ABROAD: Piotr is a computer science student from Poland (31.08.2020)

1. 8. 2020

Polish cities that have the same number of inhabitants as Maribor would be considered small and boring cities that don’t really offer any events, parties, schools, sport activities, restaurants, shops…That’s according to this week’s guest Piotr, who says the same can’t be said for Maribor. His musical choice was the song Explosion by Kalwi & Remi.

STUDY ABROAD: Karolína says what surprised her the most in Slovenia was the relationship people here have with nature (22.06.2020)

22. 6. 2020

Karolína says that when she was walking through Ljubljana, she realized she could imagine herself living in Slovenia. She feels everything is close here – the mountains, the sea and as a bonus point, we also have good wine. She chose to play Trees by Twenty One Pilots.

STUDY ABROAD: Aline comes from Brazil, is studying in Portugal and is now spending a semester in Maribor, 15.06.2020

15. 6. 2020

Aline came to Maribor just before the coronavirus lockdown but says she wasn’t bored. In addition to studying, she went for daily runs in the park, where she practiced speaking Slovenian by talking to senior citizens. She says she wants to stay in Slovenia a bit longer and is now looking for an internship here. She chose to play the song Morena by Brazilian musicians Vitor Kley and Bruno Martini.

STUDY ABROAD: Karolina comes from Poland and says traffic jams in Ljubljana are nothing compared to Warsaw (08.06.2020)

8. 6. 2020

She jokes that when she came back home to Warsaw during the holidays and hopped on a bus, she felt as if she would spend half her life in traffic jams. Her music of choice was was the 1976 song Papaya/Papaja by Urszula Dudziak.

STUDY ABROAD: Paweł is a Polish student who decided to spend the coronavirus lockdown in Slovenia (24.02.2020)

4. 6. 2020

Paweł says that study-wise, not much has changed for him during the lockdown. In fact, he liked online lectures even more than the traditional ones, as he did not have to squint at the board, but was able to see everything clearly and follow lectures with greater ease on his own computer. He chose to play High Hopes by Kodaline.

STUDY ABROAD: Margarida comes from Portugal but decided to spend a semester in Kranj (25.05.2020)

25. 5. 2020

This week’s guest is Margarida, who comes from Portugal. The first part of the interview was recorded in the time before the coronavirus. In the second, we called her for an update on how her life had changed during and after the pandemic. Her music choice was the song Anel de Rubi by Portuguese rock and blues singer and musician Rui Veloso.

STUDY ABROAD: Bibi Ovaska Presetnik, the Head of the International Office at the University of Ljubljana about studying in the time of the new coronavirus (18.05.2020)

18. 5. 2020

How did Universities react to the pandemic and how many exchange and foreign students stayed in Slovenia despite lockdown measures, did those who wanted to return home have any problems and what are the plans for the next semester in terms of student mobility? These are the questions we asked Bibi Ovaska Presetnik, the Head of the International Office at the University of Ljubljana. Her music choice was Joe Cocker’s Summer in the City.

STUDY ABROAD: Afonso is a Portuguese student who chose to spend a semester in Maribor mainly because of Slovenia’s geographical position, 16.03.2020

16. 3. 2020

Afonso says the best aspect of his exchange were the friendships he formed during it. He also believes that the exchange has changed him by broadening his horizons and has made him realize that he would be ok with not just studying, but also living and working abroad. His musical choice was the song Flashing Lights by Kanye West ft. Dwele.

STUDY ABROAD: Sonja comes from Finland and says when she listens to people in Maribor speaking Slovene, it sometimes sounds like Portuguese! (09.03.2020)

9. 3. 2020

Do you know who or maybe rather what the Moomins are? This week’s guest says she was surprised that many people in Slovenia didn’t know about them. Her musical choice was a song titled Mustana, maidolla, kylmänä, kuumana by the band Scandinavian Music Group. If translated to English, the title of the song would be »Black, milk, cold, hot«. If you haven't guessed it yet, it talks about coffee. As a matter of fact, Finns drink the most coffee in the world – about 10kg annually per capita.

STUDY ABROAD: Sona is an Indian student who first came to Slovenia to study tourism in Brežice but was later moved to Ljubljana, 02.03.2020

2. 3. 2020

Sona comes from southern India, and although he says that Slovenia is an extremely safe country, his first experience in Brežice left a bitter aftertaste. You can check out why that is in the interview above. Despite this, he says he really likes his life in Ljubljana right now, which is why his musical choice was the song Happy Now by Zedd & Elley Duhé.

STUDY ABROAD: Sára comes from Slovakia but is studying in the Netherlands

24. 2. 2020

This week's guest says that when she tells people where she comes from, they ask her if she lives in Ljubljana. Do you know which country we're talking about? Listen above to find out! She chose to play the song You've Got The Love by Florence + The Machine.

STUDY ABROAD: Maja is a Swede who spent a semester studying in Ljubljana, 17.02.2020

17. 2. 2020

If a student ever complains to you about an exam, you can tell them that at some universities in Sweden, they can take up to 6 hours! Maja says such exams are held in huge classrooms that can fit around 200 people with several guards circling the test-takers and checking for cheaters. But that's not all, the classrooms are supposedly equipped with technology that can detect if you are texting someone in order to prevent cheating! What she was most surprised by in Slovenia is the level of proficiency in the English language of the average Slovenian, as well as the fact that feminism is openly spoken about at her faculty. That said, there are some things she disagrees with. Listen above to find out what they are! Her musical choice was a song titled Vi mot vrlden by Swedish singer and songwriter Veronica Maggio.

STUDY ABROAD: Henrik - a German from Marburg who came to study in Maribor, 10.02.2020

10. 2. 2020

Henrik came from Marburg, Germany to study in Maribor, Slovenia. But the coincidences don’t end there - he comes from the State of Hesse, which, area-wise, is about the same size as Slovenia. The state has a lake called Eder, and if we were to translate “Lake Bled” into German – Slovenia has the Bleder See, and Hesse has the Edersee. The fact that Henrik is studying geography probably comes as no surprise! His musical choice was a song called Gave You Everything by the American ska-punk band The Interrupters.

STUDY ABROAD: Pranav, a student from India - 03.02.2020

3. 2. 2020

You know what puran poli is? It's a sweet Indian flatbread, which is also the favorite dish of our newest guest. Pranav says he came from India's Dehradun to Maribor to explore the beauties of Europe. According to him, the best thing about studying in Europe is that in Maribor, lectures are not mandatory. He says that people know India as a large country with a large population, many states, but that many people have prejudices about traveling around India as they think it is dangerous. He stressed that this is not the case and that India has a wealth of cultural and natural beauties worth experiencing. His musical choice was Wake Me Up by Avicii.


27. 1. 2020

Our newest guest is a true polyglot - he speaks English, German, Lithuanian, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian, and even Slovenian! Arthur decided to spend his Erasmus exchange in Maribor because he had heard good things about the University and Slovenia’s nature and mountains. He says many people he speaks to in Slovenia have been to Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Ukraine, but have never been to Belarus or know much about it for that matter. Listen above to find out more about Artur and the eastern European country he comes from! His musical choice was C'est la vie by Khaled.


20. 1. 2020

A lot of people know that Port wine, one of Portugal's most famous exports, is named after Porto, Portugal's second-largest city. But did you also know that the Douro river divides the district of Porto into two parts. Opposite Porto, on its left bank, lies the town of Vila Nova de Gaia, the home town of our newest guest, Joao. The bridge which connects Gaia and Porto was constructed by none other than Gustave Eiffel. Joao's musical choice was a song about his home town Vila Nova de Gaia, titled De Mafamude com Amor by David Bruno. If translated to English, the title would be From Mafamude with Love. To give you a bit of context - Mafamude is a former civil parish in the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia.


13. 1. 2020

Our newest guest is a 20-year-old from Spain, for whom the Erasmus exchange in Maribor is the longest period he has spent separated from his family. Carlos admits that in the beginning, he was scared about how it will all turn out and that Slovenia was not exactly at the top of his wish list, but that during his time in Maribor he met and befriended new people - locals, foreigners and other Spaniards, all of whom helped chased away his fears. He also took the time to explore Slovenia and what it has to offer which made him change his mind and realize that he does like it here very much. He decided to play a song by the Spanish musician Melendi entitled Por Encima de la Bruma, which roughly translates to Above the Mist.


6. 1. 2020

Did you know that the Ode to Joy lyrics were written by German poet, playwright, and historian Friedrich Schiller? Well, it wasn't until her Erasmus exchange that Juloa found out that the European anthem isn't sung in German all over Europe and that all nations have their own translations of the text. It's just one of those things that happens to all of us where we don't know we don't know something until we open ourselves up to new experiences and new people who leave us richer in the best way possible.


30. 12. 2019

Students in Montenegro do not have student coupons for meals, but they do have canteens available at faculties, and eating in restaurants is also much cheaper than in Slovenia - Mia says a full meal in the central part of the country costs about €5. Listen above to hear what other difference has she noticed. She chose to play All of me by John Legend since that's the song her boyfriend is always playing on the piano.


23. 12. 2019

When Rafał googled Ljubljana, it kind of looked like Disneyland to him. That and the fact Slovenia was, among the offered Erasmus exchange locations, the farthest away from his home town of Katowice was the reason why he decided to come to Ljubljana. His musical choice was the song California Dreamin' by The Mamas & The Papas.


16. 12. 2019

On the second Sunday of 2020, Polish students who are on an exchange in Maribor will be raising money for pediatric wards in Poland. One of the co-organizers is this week’s guest, Kamil. The charity event, which been held in countries around the globe since 1992, will take place at Vetrinjski dvor on Sunday, January 12, 2020. For more about the event itself and Kamil’s experience of studying in Slovenia, listen above. Kamil's song of choice was Charlie Brown by Coldplay.


9. 12. 2019

Vasily is a student of tourism, who came to our capital for a slightly different reason than most other foreign students - he decided to switch professions and move his family from Moscow to Ljubljana. He says he was especially surprised that primary school children in Ljubljana go to school on their own, pointing out that Moscow is a huge city, which also means it is far more dangerous. He believes that if parents in Slovenia can let their children walk to school on their own without worrying too much, that means that everything is as it should be. His musical choice was Rebel Heart by First Aid Kit.


2. 12. 2019

Our newest guest says he's a bit of a grandma's boy, but we can't blame him, since grandmas are awesome. The law student from Czechia who spends his summers working in different countries around the world says it was his friends who first told him about Slovenia. Now, he has decided to spend his Erasmus exchange in Ljubljana! His musical choice was Mr. Beat, a song by the Czech band D.Y.K..


25. 11. 2019

When we think of Portuguese people, we have a certain phenotype in mind. However, Fábio says this is not the case with Slovenes. To him, Slovenes do not look as alike as the Portuguese. He says that Slovenians are quieter when compared to the more extroverted Portuguese, and added that during his exchange semester in Ljubljana, he has been learning new things not only about Slovenia but also about himself and has gained a different perspective on his country, culture and friends. His musical choice was a song called Blue Sunshine by Firgun.


18. 11. 2019

Blas comes from Argentina and has Slovenian roots, but that's not what brought him to Koper. The doctorate student of Mathematics was most drawn to FAMNIT because of graphs theory. On the one hand, he noticed similarities between Slovenia and Argentina, such as gesticulation, and on the other, he said the size of countries is one of the more noticeable differences. If, in Slovenia, you decide to drive for two hours, you can end up on the other side of the country, while in Argentina, 2 hours mean nothing. He added that in Argentina, some people drive 2 hours just to go to work each day! His musical choice was the song Tren Del Cielo by Soledad and Natalia Pastorutti.


11. 11. 2019

Strahinja has been studying at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana for more than a year now and during this time, he has been working hard to learn Slovenian and excel in his studies. He says that things in Ljubljana and Slovenia in general are better organized than in Serbia but adds that Slovenians are also a bit colder and take a longer time to warm up and open up to other people. But that’s why he’s here! His music choice was SOS by Abba.


4. 11. 2019

Our newest guest is probably the only one in Koper who still goes swimming in the sea as late as November and starts again as early as March. If you haven’t guessed it, he comes from Alaska! Matthew spent several years working in a mine in Alaska before he decided to come to Koper to study bioinformatics. If you don't know what that is, then think evil scientist in the first Jurassic Park movie. At least that's what Matthew says. Oh, and minus the evil of course.


28. 10. 2019

Slovenia was actually the first country our newest Study Abroad guest visited outside of the one she was born in. Marta is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana. The young woman from Poland feels at home here, adding she sees no major differences between the two countries. Well, apart from the prices, which she says are almost 1x higher and the fact Poland still uses zloty as its currency and not euro. She says what she misses most in Slovenia is her family and friends, but adds it's not too bad, since she makes the more than 1000 km long trip back home every few weeks. Her music choice was the single Początek by a band called Męskie Granie Orkiestra 2018 (Kortez, Podsiadło, Zalewski).


21. 10. 2019

Amar is a doctoral student of Mathematical Sciences at the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies at the University of Primorska. He first started his master’s studies in Koper and then decided to stay in Slovenia for his doctoral studies. He says he would love to return to Bosnia and Herzegovina after he wraps up his studies, but notes that compared to his colleagues in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Slovenia, he has much more opportunities for student work and more independence from his parents as well as more freedom as a young researcher and academic, which is why he is considering staying in Slovenia or trying to find work elsewhere in Europe. His music choice was Soul to Squeeze by Red Hot Chili Peppers.


14. 10. 2019

Our newest Study Abroad guest comes from Perm! The city, which has a population of over 1 million is located near the Ural Mountains in Russia. We'll let you decide whether the nightlife in Koper, where she's studying Mathematics, can compare to the party her home city can offer, but Polina did say it is also cheaper to go out in Russia than in Slovenia. On the other hand, some of her friends came to Slovenia to study because they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to do so in Russia. Her music choice was Siren Song, a track by Ukrainian singer MARUV, which won the Ukrainian national final for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.


7. 10. 2019

Meet Hana, a student of Sustainable Built Environments at the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies at the University of Primorska. Every time she returns to the Czech Republic for a visit, she says she is surprised by the prices. While she’s studying in Koper, bit by bit, they keep getting higher. Nevertheless, with the exception of Prague, which is more expensive, she says prices are still relatively comparable to those in Slovenia. Her music choice was Natural by Imagine Dragons.


30. 9. 2019

Ramón comes from Tenerife, but came to Koper to study and is now in his third year. One of the first sentences he learned in Slovenian was »Pojdi stran nora soseda«. An interesting fact – there are no thunderstorms in Tenerife. Ramón says this is something he still hasn’t gotten used to here. His music choice was Pasodoble Islas Canarias. Composed by the Catalan musician Josep María Tarridas, the song is considered as an informal anthem of the Canary Islands.

STUDY ABROAD: Konstantin

23. 9. 2019

Konstantin, who comes from the Republic of Northern Macedonia, chose to spend his Erasmus in Slovenia, since it was neither too close nor too far from home. Although Northern Macedonia is only slightly larger than Slovenia in terms of surface area and population, compared to Ljubljana, Skopje has almost double the people living there, which also means it is home to about a quarter of the country’s population and makes for a more exciting nightlife compared to Ljubljana. But apart from that, Konstantin says students in Slovenia don’t know how good they have it! For the musical break, he chose to play Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine.


16. 9. 2019

Imagine having to confirm your attendance at every lecture with a fingerprint or by swiping your student card. Or having less than 85% attendance at one of your classes and as a result automatically failing all your exams that semester. It’s no wonder this week’s Study Abroad guest, Debashish thinks that studying in Slovenia far more lenient compared to India.


9. 9. 2019

Łukasz is a Polish student of management in Koper. What he says surprised him there the most was the strong, cold bora winds. He decided to study in Koper because the University of Primorska offered studies in English, which was something that wasn’t possible in Poland and since Scandinavian and western European countries were too expensive. His music choice was Polish artist Brodka's cover of Nirvanas' song Heart-Shaped box.


2. 9. 2019

Anita did grow up in the Netherlands, but her Macedonian roots also led her to Slovenia. She says many people are not aware of how densely populated the Netherlands is. More than 17 million people live in this northwestern European monarchy, which is only slightly more than once larger than Slovenia. This means that it is more than 4 times more densely populated than Slovenia. Her music choice was the song Kilometri by North Macedonian artist Vlatko Lozanoski.


10. 6. 2019

Koper was her mother's hometown, so Kyra spent almost every summer there. The student of economics wanted to experience it in a different way, so she decided to spend her Erasmus there. For the music break, she decided to play Blossom by Milky Chance.


3. 6. 2019

If you want to study in Italy, prepare to memorize a lot of information. At least that's what our newest Study Abroad guest, Francesco claims. What does he think about the transference of the reins between generations in Slovenia and what kind of art does he feel can be discussed in the everyday life here? Listen to find out! His music of choice was a piece titled Zero Totale, one he wrote and performed under the name Artista Sconosciuto.


27. 5. 2019

Damir believes that students in Slovenia have a lot of opportunities offered to them, so they should make the most of it. Since arriving for his Erasmus exchange in Ljubljana, he hasn't had any technical difficulties when signing up for the Faculty web-pages or completing the necessary paperwork, he participated in many sports activities organized by the local student organizations and even worked at two different jobs as a student. His music choice was the song Ela Navega by the American rock band Allah-Las.


20. 5. 2019

Even though Irina says she likes Maribor, she finds it a bit too small. The population of her home town, Kharkiv is namely about 3 of the population of Slovenia. For the music break, she decided to play See You Again by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth.


13. 5. 2019

Sunday lunch at noon is a staple in Slovenia, but it's not quite like that in Spain. Carolina says that it really surprised her when she came to the cafeteria at her faculty around 11:30AM and saw people eating pasta. She says that at that hour, she would maybe have a second breakfast, but never lunch. For her music choice, she decided on Bad Guy by Billie Eilish.


6. 5. 2019

Andrew says when it comes to getting a bite to eat, it was weird getting adjusted to Slovenia. For the most part, you have to take an hour, sit down and have a full meal, whereas in America, there's a lot of fast food options where you're in and out within 10 minutes, which he says is a lot simpler. His song of choice was Happier by Marshmello ft. Bastille.


29. 4. 2019

Grandes Écoles are higher education establishments in France that exist outside the main framework of the French public university system. According to our newest Study Abroad guest, Melisa, they get more respect than the public faculties. Thing is, in France, anyone with a high-school degree can enroll at any Faculty they want and their studies are mostly free of charge. Melisa chose to play a song titled La Terre est ronde (Paroles), which roughly translates to the earth is round, by French rapper and songwriter Orelsan.


22. 4. 2019

Are women and men truly equal in Slovenia? How do we celebrate International Women's Day in Slovenia and how is it different from Spain? Andrea's music choice was Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran.


15. 4. 2019

Does the Erasmus experience really change you or does it just bring out what was already somewhere inside you? Well, our newest Study Abroad guest believes it’s the latter. Why was Livia basically homeless for the first two weeks in Ljubljana and why is she now considering staying in Ljubljana for the long-haul? He music choice was the song Like I Love You by Lost Frequencies ft. The NGHBRS.

STUDY ABROAD: Takuya Nakaizawa

8. 4. 2019

This week’s Study Abroad guest comes from Japan! Takuya Nakaizawa is not just a student at Ljubljana's Faculty of Arts. He also teaches Japanese there! When it comes to partying, he says he can't understand how students who party every night can stay motivated for their studies. In Japan, parties look very different from those that take place here. Back home, he'd meet with his friends, chat, eat something, play a game and go home.

STUDY ABROAD: Aleksandra

1. 4. 2019

Aleksandra has had such a good experience of studying in Ljubljana, that she put it down as her second choice for her next Erasmus experience. She says that here, her studies at the Faculty of Medicine are much less stressful than in Poland but are of no less quality. Why is that so? Listen to the interview with our newest Study Abroad guest to find out!


25. 3. 2019

Meet Marco! The Italian student of pharmacology says he expected Ljubljana to be bigger. The city has about half the inhabitants of Bologna, which the Erasmus student considers to be an average-sized Italian city. Since he’s studying pharmacology, he chose to play the song Paracetamolo by Calcutta. Paracetamolo is Italian for paracetamol, a medication used to treat pain and fever.


18. 3. 2019

She didn’t expect Ljubljana to be as big, but Melissa says she fell in love with the city at first sight. One of the main reasons she chose Slovenia was because one of her friends went to Ljubljana the year before and kept posting beautiful pictures and saying she was having the time of her life. Plus, Slovenia was different from the countries most of her friends who went on Erasmus chose. For her music choice, she decided on the song New Estate by Giant Rooks.


11. 3. 2019

Unlike most students, Jonasz did not want to spend his Erasmus in Spain, France, or Portugal. As a child he spent a few days in the Julian Alps. This left such an impression on him, that he decided he wanted to come and live in Slovenia for a few months at one point in his life, so when he got an opportunity to spend his Erasmus in Slovenia, he took it. His music choice was Czesław Niemen's 1967-piece Dziwny jest ten świat (Strange is this World), commonly acknowledged to be the most important Polish protest song of that era. One of the first Polish performers to wear colorful clothes and long hair, Niemen introduced the style of psychedelia to then-communist Poland.


18. 2. 2019

Nadica chose to study in Slovenia for three reasons. The first was the nature in Slovenia, the second reason was that she wanted to go study outside her own country and the third was the study system and opportunities she believes it offers its students. The informatics student from the Republic of North Macedonia used to be part of a folklore dance group, so she tried learning some Slovenian traditional dances as well. She finds them just as fast but a bit less complex than the Macedonian ones. For her music choice, she chose to play Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.


11. 2. 2019

Did you know that entry to some museums in Ljubljana is free of charge every first Sunday of the month? Ksenia says that despite being the smallest of the cities she has studied in so far, Ljubljana has a lot to offer – nature, helpful people, parties and lots of other things to do and see. For her music choice, she chose to play Donde Estas Yolanda by Pink Martini.


4. 2. 2019

People sometimes joke drinking is a national sport in Slovenia. Our newest guest Rossane thinks there might be a grain of truth to that. The Erasmus student from the Netherlands says she was surprised by the amount of parties and drinking culture in Maribor. What else did she perceive as different when compared to the Netherlands? Listen and find out! Her music choice was Stolen Dance by Milky Chance.


28. 1. 2019

Muhammet decided to spend his Erasmus in Koper because it was located at the seaside. He said it reminded him a lot of his home university city, Izmir as well as the city he was born in, Mersin. They are all relatively small, coastal cities with beautiful mountains and lots of opportunities to enjoy life. His music choice was Do I Wanna Know? by the Arctic Monkeys.


7. 1. 2019

Mihail is a student of medicine, who spent 3 months doing an internship at the University Medical Centre in Maribor. Our newest Study Abroad guest says what he misses most from Belgium is fries and chocolate. His music choice was Leave a Light On by Tom Walker.


31. 12. 2018

Did you know? On New Year’s Eve, young people in Italy welcome in the New Year together with their families and only then, around 1 AM do they go hang out with their peers at discos or night clubs! For more on Christmas traditions in Italy and how our newest Study Abroad guest Manuel has gotten used to life in Koper, listen to the latest episode of Study Abroad. His music choice was the song Lost in Japan by Shawn Mendes & Zedd.


24. 12. 2018

Since Serbia is mostly Orthodox, Christmas there is celebrated on January 7th, but Dušan says that that's about the only difference. What he did notice, however, is that people in Slovenia often complain that Christmas lights are put up as soon as November in some places. In Belgrade, they’re apparently set up as early as September! Dušan says one of the reasons he decided to spend his Erasmus in Koper was that he wanted to experience living at the seaside during winter. What does he think now his wish has become reality? His music choice was a song called Then by Anne-Marie.

STUDY ABROAD: Katsiaryna

17. 12. 2018

Pre-exam exams? Post soviet style professors? Ever wondered if there’s any difference between studying in Koper, in Belarus, and Poland? Meet Katerina. She chose to spend her third Erasmus at the Faculty of Management in Koper because of the Slavic culture and coastal climate. What surprised her, was that we were "less Slavic" than she expected and that the Slovene language wasn’t quite as easy to understand as she thought it would be. Her music choice was a song called Sleep On The Floor by The Lumineers.

STUDY ABROAD: Kuba & Filip

10. 12. 2018

Our newest episode of Study Abroad features not one but two guests from Poland. After Kuba and Filip applied for their Erasmus at the University in Ljubljana, they found out their faculty was not based in Ljubljana, but Portorož. So, they decided to stay in Koper and drive to Portorož for lectures. Their music choice was a song titled Ściernisco, by a polish band Golec uOrkiestra, which they say is again starting to get popular in Poland, despite the fact the song was released in 2000.


3. 12. 2018

Why doesn't this week's Study Abroad guest miss his mom's cooking? Press play to find out! Anil says the main reason for choosing to do his Erasmus in Ljubljana was because the Faculty of civil engineering offers lectures by a number of professors he did not want to miss. Apart from studying, the Turkish student also made several friends during his stay in Slovenia. Since his name is not quite so simple to pronounce for his non-Turkish speaking Slovenian friends, they gave him a Slovene name – Alen. His music choice was The Greatest by Sia ft. Kendrick Lamar.


26. 11. 2018

Charline says she didn’t experience any culture shock when coming to Slovenia, but notes her studies in Ljubljana do differ in a few ways from her home University of Maastricht (in the Netherlands) – concerning difficulty, style of lectures, ... to find out exactly in what way, listen to this week’s edition of Study Abroad! Her music choice was Sam Smith’s Too good at Goodbyes.


19. 11. 2018

Would you consider Slovenia exotic? Karin choose Slovenia for her Erasmus exchange since it was located the furthest from Estonia, so she thought it might be the most exotic. She says her Slovenian friends often get a laugh out of the fact that at 318m above sea level, Suur Munamägi (or Big Egg Mountain) is the highest peak in Estonia. But, on the other hand, her home country also has 2,355 islands - a number Slovenia can’t hope to compete with. Her music choice was Shadowplay, a song from an Estonian indie rock band called The Boondocks.


12. 11. 2018

Meet Berra! After finishing her electrical engineering studies in Turkey, she came to Ljubljana for a couple of months to do some practical work at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. She says Ljubljana has the same vibe as her home university town Eskisehir. This in part contributed to her not experiencing any form of culture shock in Slovenia. The things she misses most here are her family and Turkish food. Her music choice was a song titled Öp (kiss) by the Turkish singer-songwriter Tarkan.


5. 11. 2018

Sara says her studies and lifestyle in Slovenia don't differ all that much from Spain, but notes accomodation in Ljubljana is cheaper. Despite also saying the Spanish and Slovenian language are completely different, Sara has picked up a few basic words, which is commendable! But then again she also speaks Basque, which is not only unrelated to the other languages of Europe, but also a language isolate to any other known living language. Her music choice was a song titled Oblit from a Spanish band called Urfabrique.


22. 10. 2018

When Harmen visited Slovenia with his parents at the age of 15, the vacation did not exactly leave a very lasting impression. 8 years later he was looking for places to relocate to with his girlfriend and remembered Slovenia. Now he saw the country in a completely different light – it had a good geographical position, it was close of the mountains, sea and was also quite green. Has his oppinion of Slovenia and its inhabitants changed now that he has spent the first year of his Masters studies in Ljubljana? His music choice was NOVELISTS - 5:12 AM.


15. 10. 2018

Our newest Study Abroad guest, Dražen has actually been living in Slovenia for quite some time. The initial decision to move to Koper was not his own - his parents, who now live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, came to Slovenia, where he first enrolled to a secondary school, and then decided to study here as well. Dražen says the most difficult thing to get used to in Slovenia was the language, noting that from a linguistic point, it's harder to learn a language that is somewhat similar to your mother tongue, than the one you try to learn "from scratch". When someone asks him about music from his Erasmus Dražen says he thinks of “Willst du” by Alligatoah. This was also his music choice.


8. 10. 2018

Meet Cuauhtli! This week's Study Abroad guest came from Mexico to the University of Primorska to do research in the field of human computer interaction, game thinking and gamification. Cuauhtli is just at a beginning of his 3-year-long research journey, during which he hopes to learn as much as he can so that when he returns to Mexico, he will have much to teach and tell other students. His music choice was the evergreen Come And Get Your Love by Redbone.


1. 10. 2018

Can you imagine only having 2 chances to pass your exams? Your Bachelor's studies taking 5 years? Or have the results of every exam you take go on record? Well, in Chile, it's something quite usual! Meet Juan Carlos. He studies telecommunication engineering in Valparaiso, which has 4 “main” Universities. What’s more, they aren’t just separated into public and private. It’s a bit more complicated than that. His music choice was Dic. 28 by Novella Inc.


24. 9. 2018

How much do you spend on things that aren't really necessary? Have you ever wondered that perhaps, you don’t really need all that much? This week's Study Abroad guest comes from Porto, the second largest city in Portugal. Rita decided to spend a semester studying management of touristic activities in Brežice. It was the quiet life in this southeastern Slovenian town, that made her think about how perhaps, she could live with a little less. He music choice was a Vanessa da Mata version of the song Estrada do Sol by Tom Jobim.

STUDY ABROAD: Jose Ecuador

17. 9. 2018

This week’s Study Abroad guest says Slovenia is very different from Ecuador. Jose says everything in Koper is relatively close by and life in general is much quieter. Since he decided he wanted to be a pilot when he was only 17 years-old, his studies don’t exactly follow the "classic" Bachelor's and Master's studies system. Jose is currently doing a theoretical course about aviation at the Aviation Career Center in Maribor, but since most of his lectures are available online, he decided to stay in Koper.


10. 9. 2018

Love makes the world go ‘round. Our newest Study Abroad guest quite literally made a trip ‘round the globe from Indonesia to Slovenia for love. And then decided to do her Masters studies in Ljubljana. With more than 200 million people, Indonesia is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. In its capital, Jakarta, there over 170 shopping malls and only a few parks. And lots of traffic. Annisa says Ljubljana is different. There is not nearly as much night-life, but a lot more nature.


3. 9. 2018

Summer is winding down, but the new season of Study Abroad is kicking off! Meet Judit. The CEEPUS student of Anthropology hadn’t initially planned on studying in Koper. She had a semester left at the end of her studies at the University of Vienna and ended up almost applying to Ljubljana at first, but changed all her paperwork during the last week and applied to Koper. The avid mountain climber says she doesn’t regret it one bit. For her music choice, she picked the song Boys of Summer by Don Henley, which she thinks is the perfect song for the end of the summer. She also says it summarizes her experience in Koper. Judit had tried to play the song on a Hungarian radio for her grandparents when she was 10 years old. A couple of years later, and on a Slovenian radio, she got her wish. More in the latest edition of Study Abroad.


25. 6. 2018

Meet Robert. The Erasmus student of Tourism management and Sport from Croatia decided to come to Brežice since he heard good things about the Faculty there and likes the fact it puts more emphasis on practical work and tourism than his home faculty. He does however note the city can get a bit boring, since it’s not really a student city and that due to a lack of nightlife in Brežice, students travel to Ljubljana, Maribor and Zagreb to party. He says a lot of people asked him why Slovenia, why Brežice, why not something more exotic. He responded by saying it’s still something, it’s a start, noting that the majority of people who asked him this were the ones who wouldn’t take such a leap themselves. His music choice was Turn! Turn! Turn! by The Byrds


18. 6. 2018

Jasmine decided to come to Slovenia after seeing a poster with a location in Slovenia pictured on it. She hadn’t previously really heard anything about it, her decision was purely due to aesthetics, but she says it worked out in the end. The student of philosophy and sociology says she prefers the nightlife in Ljubljana, which she describes as more relaxed. Jeans are an acceptable clothing choice and heels are not obligatory, but the nights are a lot later. In her home University, the clubs close at 2 AM. As a result, she says she was falling asleep in the clubs in Ljubljana at 3 AM. But she says she didn’t need to long to get used to it. Her music choice was Green Light by Lorde.


11. 6. 2018

Ljubljana wasn’t the first choice for Piotr’s Erasmus experience, but now the law student from Poland says he’s happy he ended up where he did. But not all of his friends knew where that was. When he invited one of them to visit him, he asked if Ljubljana was in Lithuania. Apart from family and friends, he says that he misses clubs. He says that back in Poland, there is a much greater diversity and more options when it comes to clubs. Piotr notes he also used his Erasmus experience not just for partying but also visited conferences in Croatia and Montenegro and travel around Europe. His music choice was Young Folks by Peter Bjorn And John.


4. 6. 2018

Meet Daniel. The Fulbright student researcher from California, US came to Ljubljana to learn more about Ethnomusicology and the tamburica. Daniel says one thing he doesn’t like so much about the school system here is that the majority of Slovene students are very quiet during the lectures. He says this was a major education shock, adding that if your viewpoints are challenged, you have the opportunity to question, test and possibly change or improve them. Daniel believes this to be much more important than just copying down information and trying to memorize it for a test. His music choice was a version of Namesto koga roža cveti performed by the tamburica orchestra of KD Ivan Kaučič Ljutomer.


28. 5. 2018

Čevapi are served with lepinja bread. Everybody knows that, right? Well, this week’s Study Abroad guest Arman says the worst combo he’s seen in Slovenia so far was čevapi served with a baguette. Despite this, he says there’s not much he’d change about his CMEPIUS experience in Maribor. He does note it is easier to study here, and easier to get better grades compared to his home University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but at the same time, the student of literature and philosophy says he learns more here. Listen in to find out why! His music choice was Everglow by Coldplay.


21. 5. 2018

Yanxi or Daisy is a student of art history from China that came to Slovenia hoping to be able to travel and see firsthand the western artwork she only saw in books. She says people have some difficulties remembering her Chinese name, so she chose an English one, Daisy. It’s not unusual for Chinese people to choose an English name, since pronunciation can be quite tricky. Her music choice was Love With Your Life by Hollyn


14. 5. 2018

What’s your hangover cure? Cem says that soup is one remedy that definitely works. It’s also one of the things he misses most from Turkey. The Erasmus student of English language also says he likes the fact that his professors in Maribor are punctual. Cem says that in Turkey, it’s not unheard of for a professor to be 5, 10 minutes, or even half an hour late to a lecture. His music choice was by Turn the Page by Metallica.


7. 5. 2018

Meet Josef. The Erasmus student of history and social sciences comes from the University of Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic. He says he chose to spend his Erasmus in Slovenia since he wanted to understand how similar or different Slovenia is when compared to the Czech Republic. Did he find more similarities or differences? Listen to find out.


30. 4. 2018

Two years ago, Amélie shared a car with a Slovenian while traveling through Austria. After he told and showed her a bit about Slovenia on his mobile phone, she was convinced she had to visit it. Now she’s studying English and German at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. She says one of the challenges Erasmus students face is deciding on how to greet each other. Some are used to hugging, kissing, others shake hands, etc. The French, for example, share a couple of kisses on the cheek. The same goes for Italians. But the thing is, Italians start with a different cheek. Amélie says this can lead to somewhat awkward situations. Her music choice was a song titled Seeds of Gold by the french band AaRON.


23. 4. 2018

Tom studies political sciences and international relations in the Netherlands. Despite Prague being his first choice for an Erasmus experience, he says he doesn’t regret ending up in Ljubljana. He says there’s not much about the Netherlands that he misses. Well, apart from some people and maybe a better bus system. And a Dutch snack called bitterballen. He chose to play Arabella from the Arctic Monkeys.


16. 4. 2018

Maria is an Italian student of Japanese language and Asian studies. She came to Ljubljana for two semesters, but now she’s considering staying. She says a lot of things are cheaper in Slovenia, including eating at a restaurant. Maria believes this is because Italians, including students, prefer to prepare their own food. Even if there is a party, Italian houses usually have a special room for such occasions. Listen in to find out what it’s called. Maria's music choice was »I put a spell on you« by Nina Simone.

STUDY ABROAD: Miriam and Katarína

9. 4. 2018

This week’s Study Abroad episode features not one but two besties from Slovakia, who came to Ljubljana, Slovenia for their Erasmus. The names of the countries are similar, but Miriam and Katarína say the Easter traditions are not. What do they mean by that? Listen to find out! Their music choice was Hej Sokoly! by I.M.T. Smile.


2. 4. 2018

Dimitra is a French student of Law. When she first visited Ljubljana 7 years ago with her parents, she felt an instant connection to the city and knew then that she would come back. And she did. She's spending the whole year in Ljubljana as an Erasmus student. She says she likes how safe and clean Ljubljana is. One of her favorite memories is seeing the Trnovo Church again after so many years. It had, of course, stayed the same. She, on the other hand had changed. Her music choice was Housse de Racket – Aquarium.


26. 2. 2018

Meet Christian. The Erasmus student from Catalonia chose to study in Slovenia as he found it to be the most unusual choice on his list. A tipping point for the travel enthusiast was also the fact that it was a green country that has good connections for exploring Europe. In addition to his Erasmus studies, the student of audio-visual media communications is also doing an internship at a Catalan television station, for which he records interviews and produces news-pieces on culture and art related events in Maribor. His music choice was Creep by Radiohead, one of the first songs his first band learned to play together.


26. 3. 2018

Verica is a second-year law student from Macedonia. The 20 year-old says the month she spent in Ljubljana flew by as if it were a weekend. One of her favorite memories so far was snowboarding in Cerkno. That is, until she fell and broke her wrist. Her music choice was New York, New York, by Frank Sinatra.


19. 3. 2018

Sina is a student of culture studies, who chose Slovenia because of its mountains. Back in Germany, she studies in Leipzig. She says housing there is cheaper than in Ljubljana, but that other costs are a bit lower. When applying for her Erasmus studies, she says she was surprised by the numerous forms she had to fill out. She noted the amount might be even greater than that required in Germany. Her music choice was To Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra.


12. 3. 2018

Meet Maria Elena. The student of political sciences chose to spend her Erasmus in Ljubljana after falling in love with the city during a visit years ago. She studies in Pisa. The city is roughly the size of Ljubljana, with one third of its population, but is home to 3 Universities. Her music choice was Perfect by Ed Sheeran.


5. 3. 2018

Meet Marianne. The Erasmus student from Ecuador has spent most of her post-teens abroad. She completed her Bachelors in France and is now doing an Erasmus masters in tourism management. She finished her first semester in Denmark, she's spending her second in Ljubljana and will wrap it up in Spain. Her music choice was Prometo by Fonseca.


19. 2. 2018

In today's episode of Study abroad we talked to Virginia. She came to Slovenia to, among other things, learn the language better and to find some of her relatives. Her family moved from Slovenia to Argentina in 1939. While she does like it here, she misses Sunday barbecues with her family called Asado and "mate" –an invigorating drink that is very popular in her home country. Her music choice was a national rock song by Charly García titled "Nos siguen pegando abajo" ("They keep hitting us down there").


12. 2. 2018

Meet Eduardo. The Erasmus student of political science says that when he first saw Ljubljana with his own eyes, he felt as if he was transported into a European film. Like many other Erasmus students, he thinks Slovenians are more reserved in nature, unlike the Portuguese for example, who kiss two times when they meet someone they know. More about what he thinks about studying in Ljubljana and how it compares to Portugal in this edition of Study Abroad. His music choice was »Ne diraj moju ljubav«, a song he heard while waiting for the New Year's fireworks in Ljubljana.


5. 2. 2018

What’s the difference between Slovenians and Russians? Slovenians drink “špricer” and Russians drink vodka. Well, that’s according to this week’s guest, Kesha. The Erasmus student notes the stability of life in Maribor can get a little bit boring for guys in their early twenties. You can hear more about how Kesha and his group spice up their everyday life in this episode of Study Abroad. On a more serious note, the civil engineering student also says the gap between the rich and poor in Russia is especially wide, but that living in Maribor showed him that it is possible for a smaller city to be well developed. His music choice was a song from the band Feduk & Allj, titled Rose Wine.


29. 1. 2018

Meet Vilius. The Erasmus student of Medicine comes from Lithuania. He says that one of his favorite memories from Slovenia is the final match between Slovenia and Serbia in the European Basketball Championship. He went to see the live broadcast of the game at the Congress Square in Ljubljana. As the buzzer sounded the end of the game, one of the fans got so excited, they splashed most of their beer into his face. His music choice was a song titled Vyturiai from the Lithuanian band Kamaniu šilelis.


21. 1. 2018

Vladislav came from Belarus to study in Maribor. The Erasmus student of Economy and Management feels that the Slovene in Belarus languages are similar, but that the culture and people in these two countries are quite different. He is also very surprised that, despite its relatively small size, Maribor to him seems to be well developed. Apart from Belarus gaining recognition of its independence the same year as Slovenia did, another interesting thing about Vladislav’s home country is that people there don’t speak Belarusian nearly as much as they do Russian. His music choice was a song from the band ATL, titled Marabu.


15. 1. 2018

Amar Toplić is an Erasmus student of social work that comes from Bosnia and Hercegovina. While he does like Maribor and his studies here, he says foreign students don't get enough chances to meet and hang out with foreign students – be it at the dorm or at the faculty. Amar says he believes the young people will bring change to Bosnia, that’s why he’s going back there to implement everything he learns abroad about working with youth and give back to the community. He says people like that helped him see another path in life when he was young. He is also immensely grateful to the Bosana foundation, which enabled him to pursue studying social work and continues to make a lasting difference in his life. His music choice was a song from the band Dubioza Kolektiv, titiled Himna Generacije.


8. 1. 2018

Rosendo decided to study in Slovenia since it has a good position for traveling and he's been doing just that every weekend since he arrived to Maribor. What else has he been up to? His music choice was a song from the band Los delincuentes, titiled El aire de la calle.


1. 1. 2018

Meet Teodora. The European studies and diplomacy student from Macedonia is an avid mountain climber, who in the past year ascended numerous Slovenian peaks, among them also Triglav. The decision to study in Slovenia came easily to Teodora. Ljubljana was namely the place where both her parents lived at one point in their lives. Her father studied here and her mother did an internship at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana. As a result, she heard a lot of stories about Ljubljana and its inhabitants. Her music choice was a song called Vezilka, by the Macedonian band Foltin.


25. 12. 2017

Meet Ujjwala. She came to Slovenia to study from northern India, where they speak predominantly Hindu. While Slovenia has over 30 dialects, the much larger India, on the other hand, has 23 official languages, including English. Ujjwala says that since coming to Slovenia, her English has become increasingly worse since people here have a different way of speaking in English. Apart from her family and friends, she says what she misses most is Indian cuisine. Despite all this as well as the low temperatures, she says she likes Maribor. Her music choice was a song called Kala Chashma from the movie Baar Baar Dekho.


18. 12. 2017

María Jesús is a Spanish Erasmus student at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana. As a future doctor, she likes the fact that the health system in Slovenia is public and that most of her lecturers try to show them that here, they care about their patients. Concerning the party life in Slovenia, she says that the partying here finishes quite early, around 5 AM at the latest. In Spain, a good night out means coming home in time to eat breakfast together with your friends and then going to bed. The song she chose is titled A Quien Le Importa by Alaska, a Spanish-Mexican singer.

STUDY ABROAD: Nikita Samochwal

11. 12. 2017

Nikita Samochwal is a business administration student who chose to experience his second Erasmus in a city with the same name as the one he studies in back in Germany – Marburg! He also studied in Poland. So, what does this tried and tested Erasmus student miss most here? Well, apart from his family and friends, apparently, his car. His music choice was a song titled GottSeiDank by Trettmann feat. Bonez MC and Raf Camora.

STUDY ABROAD: Bojana Jovanovska

4. 12. 2017

Bojana Jovanovska decided to study in Slovenia since it had a good reputation for study choices and study quality in Macedonia. She only needed a month or so to learn Slovenian, due to the similarities between Macedonian and Slovenian. Her music choice was a song from the Macedonian group Foltin, titiled Milice.


27. 11. 2017

Esen Gül Dik is an Erasmus student from Turkey. Before coming to Maribor she didn’t know where exactly Slovenia was, nor what life here is like. Although all her classmates opted for the Erasmus experience in Poland, she wanted to try something different. After almost two months here, she says she is pleased with her choice and was positively surprised by the relaxed lifestyle, the kindness of people and the greenness of Slovenia, despite expecting the prices to be somewhat lower. Her music choice was a song from the Turkish rock band Duman, titiled Herşeyi Yak.

Study Abroad: Dragana Dodik

20. 11. 2017

Dragana Dodik comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She decided to study in Slovenia as a regular student. After finishing her Bachelors of Media Communications, she is this year started her Masters studies in the same field. She thinks the study quality between Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina doesn't differ that much and that it's up to each student to benefit as much as possible from faculty classes.

Study Abroad: Pedro Nuno Ramoš

13. 11. 2017

Pedro Nuno Ramoš comes from a small town in Portugal, who decided not just to study, but also work in Ljubljana. Believe it or not, one of the steriotypes he heard about Slovenians is, that they're agressive drivers. He says it wasn't hard to get used to Slovenia, since the people are not so different from the Portugese. He did, however, note that Slovenians respect rules more than in Portugal, especially when it comes to crossing the street.

Study Abroad - Na Pan

6. 11. 2017

Meet Na Pan. She's is a literary theory student from China that's been in Slovenia for almost 10 months. She doesn't consider herself the stereotypical Erasmus student, since she spends a good amount of her time on studies. Na Pan says the study program in Slovenia is less strict than in China, but that that doesn't mean the quality is any lower, it just means that she is allowed more creative freedom.

Study Abroad: Paul

30. 10. 2017

Paul is an Englishman who came to Slovenia for love, but decided to stay and is now a student in Ljubljana.

Kasia Hulek: a Pole studying in Maribor and working in Ljubljana

24. 10. 2017

We take a peek into the lives of foreign students living in Slovenia. Did they come to party, study or just shake up their everyday lives? What makes these young people tick and what do they think about the country they've come to? Listen to the challenges they face and what they miss from home. Has this experience changed them? Are they considering staying here? Every Monday at 11:25 only on Radio Si. Do you want to share your experience? Just write to and maybe you are our next guest.

Matea Lacmanović: a Croatian studying in Maribor and Graz

24. 10. 2017

We take a peek into the lives of foreign students living in Slovenia. Did they come to party, study or just shake up their everyday lives? What makes these young people tick and what do they think about the country they've come to? Listen to the challenges they face and what they miss from home. Has this experience changed them? Are they considering staying here? Every Monday at 11:25 only on Radio Si. Do you want to share your experience? Just write to and maybe you are our next guest.